The HHX series Dual Fuel Ride-on Trowel delivers all the features contractors demand plus the additional option of running on LPG (with proper ventilation) or petrol. The Kubota WG972 engine delivers the power, durability and performance required for today’s ever changing customer needs. 

Drive System 

  • Powerful 31 HP Gasoline-LPG engine from Kubota delivers the high torque needed for panning while having the high rotor speed needed for finishing 
  • Engine comes complete with a combination catalytic converter/muffler system standard that meets all emission requirements. Any modifications to this system will void engine warranty 
  • Continuously variable transmission (CVT) provides superior performance by continually adjusting the drive ratio to obtain optimum torque and speed during all phases of finishing from low speed high torque to high speed burnishing 
  • Automotive constant velocity joints ensures smooth and consistent power is being transferred to the gearboxes 
  • Helical gearboxes are the industry’s most efficient, coolest running trouble free design. These gearboxes are also backed with a three year warranty 
  • Spider assembliesfeature long lasting wear plates and spider hubs and can be economically rebuilt. Standard model comes with 5 blade configuration 

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